Kimberly Haley-Coleman

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Hard power vs soft power
How voluntourism can expand your philanthropic footprint
How service abroad can help you recruit and retain top talent
Commencement addresses on subject of humanities
Commencement addresses on using your power for good
Ethical tourism vs orphanage/poverty/white savior complex tourism

Kimberly Haley-Coleman

Globe Aware Adventures in Service

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Since 1990, Kimberly Haley-Coleman has established long-term strategic partnerships and projects in the non-profit and for-profit international arenas. Before co-founding Globe Aware, she was Vice President of Business Development for an aerospace company in Houston called Team Encounter. Previously, she spent several years heading up Business Development for a Canadian company, Infotriever, which facilitated global contacts and communication. As the Director of International Business Development at Telescan (now InvestTools), she created strategic international relationships. She developed a globalization strategy plan throughout 20 countries to put financial education tools into the hands of millions at no cost to the end user. During the launch of CNBC.com, she spent several months as interim Product Manager, managing and supervising all product development efforts and training the entire on-air staff. In her off-time, she co-developed and patented Dcipher, an online artificial intelligence engine which creates free, real-time analysis of stocks and portfolios to help those who cannot afford or understand how to pick investments for their future financial stability. 

Earlier in her career, Ms. Haley-Coleman worked at FCA Inc, where she developed international joint ventures for small to medium-sized companies to help develop the self-sustainability of West African markets. Certified with her Series 7, 65, and 63 licenses, she also spent two years as Associate Portfolio Manager of the Capstone Japan Fund, where she researched international stocks, made investment decisions, and placed trades. Her background also includes several years at Documentary Arts, Inc., a nonprofit where, as Associate Director of Programs, she was responsible for organizing programs, writing and securing grant funding, and several volunteer intern positions at the Dallas Museum of Art and the High Museum of Art.  Throughout her career, Haley-Coleman would squeeze in volunteering while travelling internationally on business and consulted with various international NGOs on how to achieve their goals. She was struck by the difficulty of giving time effectively in needy communities within the confines of the typically rushed American lifestyle. Over the years, together with a group of like-minded individuals with backgrounds in medicine, construction, sustainability, and communications, she helped co-found Globe Aware. The objective was to allow busy Westerners a forum for giving their time in an organized fashion that was significantly meaningful and fun for the recipient communities and the volunteers.

Haley-Coleman holds an MBA in International Business from the University of Dallas,  where she graduated with Highest Honors, is a recipient of the Texas Business Hall of Fame Scholarship Award, has an M.A. from Southern Methodist University and a B.A. from Emory University.  She currently serves on the Boards of several organizations, including the Executive Committee for IVPA (International Volunteer Program Association), an alliance of nonprofit, non-governmental organizations based in the Americas involved in international volunteer and internship exchanges. IVPA encourages excellence and responsibility in international volunteerism and promotes public awareness of and greater access to international volunteer programs. Haley-Coleman also serves on the Board of Groundwork Dallas, a grassroots effort to sponsor and coordinate community-based environmental improvement projects in economically challenged areas, is President of Dallas' Shore Acres Beautification Club and is also the Leadership Member of Service Nation. This initiative strives to increase service & volunteer opportunities for Americans.

                                                                                                     Kimberly Haley-Coleman




7232 Fisher Road, Dallas, Texas 75214-1917

F: 214-823-0084 § H: 214-823-0083 § Cell: 832-444-8437


Experienced founder and CEO of several for-profit and nonprofit international businesses with experience managing and implementing complex international projects, fundraising, evaluating emerging technologies, and establishing long-term strategic partnerships. Committed to finding and creating meaningful international initiatives that enable people to develop global skills to solve world issues.



2000-Present                 Founder and CEO of Globe Aware (Dallas, RX) www.globeaware.org

          US & Canada based Charitable organization that mobilizes and leads short term service projects in 26          

          countries around the world


2015-Present                              Executive Director International Volunteer Programs Assoc.

         http://volunteerinternational.org/;  A 501 c 3 dedicated to promoting awareness of & access to quality

         volunteer abroad programs


2020-                Present Texas Business Hall of Fame Scholarship Alumni Leadership Board


2002-2003 Vice President of Business Development, Space Services International (Houston, TX)

               Team Encounter is the world’s leader in public participation space missions, democratizing the world of space.

·         Created business development strategy with commercial sponsorship of space missions, and managed and co-supervised its implementation and operations

·         Managed sales office branches in U.S., Tokyo, Sao Paolo, Amsterdam, and London

·         Responsible for all revenue contracts


2000-2002                    Director of Business Development, Infotriever   (Toronto, CA)

      Infotriever, a Canadian B2B/B2C software company used in travel and financial settings

·         Created aggressive business development strategy, and managed and co-supervised its implementation and operations along with company’s founders

·         Negotiated all company’s revenue agreements with American and International companies such as Sabre, Amadeus, Evite, CCBN, Thompson Financial, Starwood Hotels, B-there.com, TQ3, US Airways, Air France, etc.

·         Negotiated reseller agreements with companies such as Net Earnings, Inc. and co-marketing agreements with companies such as H-Syndicate, Exchange Data International, etc.


1998 – 2000                         Director of International Business Dev, InvestTools (Houston, TX)

 Industry leading financial app service provider that developed, operated major financial Internet sites & data

·         Co-developer of Dcipher, patent-pending: An online artificial intelligence engine which creates artificial, real-time analysis of stocks and portfolios

·         Created globalization strategy plan throughout 20 countries, including projected costs, resources, specific strategy steps, competitive analysis, implementation underway; conducted feasibility survey, recommending various equity partnerships and alliances.  Initiated and executing globalization strategy with Rothschild, Europe’s largest investment bank.  This includes ambitious WAP (& other wireless technology) and broadband initiatives.

·         Negotiated international comprehensive website contracts

·         Executed and managed all international data provision contracts that spanned 5 continents and various aspects of Internet financial content

·         Managed staff of 8 in creating new International Business Development Department

·         1999 CNBC.com Product Manager.  Managed and supervised all product development efforts. Trained entire on-air CNBC and online CNBC.com staffers in Telescan’s online financial services and applications.

·         International and east-coast Major Accounts Business Development Manager for B2B private label sales for Forbes, Paine Webber, JP Morgan, Global Net, News Alert, and others.


1995-1998    Business Planning Associate, International Advisory Services,  FCA Corp. (Houston, TX) and Associate Portfolio Manager, Japanese Open-Ended Mutual Fund

·         Organized humanitarian donation of $200,000 worth of medical equipment in conjunction with Medisend to Senegal, Africa

·         Wrote business plans for several international joint ventures based in needy countries such as Africa, reporting to Ambassador Cynthia Perry

·         Provided accounting analysis for several FCA private placements

·         Researched international stocks, made investment decisions, and placed trades for Capstone Japan Fund

·         Created gap analysis macro program to facilitate buying and selling decisions for International Closed-End Mutual Funds

·         Responsible for all quarterly and annual “letters to the shareholder”

·         Managed research efforts for overseas investment projects


1991-1995    Associate Director of Programs, & Contemporary Culture, Inc.      (Dallas, TX)

                     Nonprofit corporations serving communities through documenting underserved artists’ work

·         Designed and implemented community outreach programs

·         Wrote grant proposals and secured funding

·         Implemented various exhibitions, such as Texas Black Cowboys with Alan Govenar


Texas Business Hall of Fame Scholarship Award Recipient 1995


Selected Participations:

NAFSA, Model United Nations Parent Leader, 10 years, Girl Scout Troop Leader for 12 years, Groundwork Dallas Board of Directors, Dallas Opera Board of Trustees 2012, World Space Congress, 2002, Etravel World, 2000  EyeForTravel 2001, 2002, CeBIT 2000, Hannover, Germany, PhocusWright Executive Conference 2000, 2002, Jupiter Online Financial Services Forum, 1999, 2000 Member, Greater Houston Partnership, since 1996, Director and Vice President, Lamar Tower Board of Administrators



Masters of Business Administration (MBA), University of Dallas (GPA: 4.0 of 4.0)

·         Specialization in International Business

·         1995 Texas Business Hall of Fame Scholarship Award recipient

·         Sigma Iota Epsilon, Honors Business Fraternity

·         Management Study Tour, Canada and Mexico


Masters of Arts (MA), Southern Methodist University (Dallas, Texas) GPA 3.8 of 4.0

·         Specialization in History of Art

·         Full Scholarship and Assistantship


Bachelor of Arts, Emory University (Atlanta, Georgia) GPA 3.5 of 4.0

·         Double Major in French & Art History, Minor in Marketing & Italian

·         Semester abroad at Collège Internationale de Cannes (Cannes, France)


Other Skills and Professional Qualifications

Series 7, 65, & 63 licenses

Languages: English (native), French (fluent), Spanish (fluent), Italian (intermediate)

Strong proficiency with many software applications such as MS Excel, Power Point, etc


Discover the transformative experiences shared by audiences, reflecting the profound influence of Kimberly Haley-Coleman's empowering and engaging speeches

Listening to Kimberly Haley-Coleman share her insights on the intersection of travel and philanthropy was an enlightening experience. Her passion for exploring the world while making a positive impact on communities in need is nothing short of inspiring. Through her compelling stories and practical advice, Kimberly effectively conveyed the importance of responsible travel and service to communities. She fluently navigated the balance between exploration and ethical engagement, emphasizing the power individuals have to leave a meaningful footprint wherever they go.

What sets Kimberly apart is her deep understanding of the complexities involved in community engagement while traveling. She highlighted the significance of sustainable, community-driven initiatives that prioritize long-term impact over short-lived gestures. Her message resonated deeply and left the audience feeling not only more informed but also more inspired to approach travel with a sense of purpose and responsibility. I wholeheartedly recommend Kimberly to anyone seeking to embark on a journey of exploration, learning, and meaningful contribution to the world.

- Best wishes,
Mary Elizabeth
Auburn University Women’s Philanthropy Board Winter Wanderlings with Rick Steves & Kimberly Haley-Coleman

“My experience volunteering in the Philippines was amazingly meaningful. I am grateful to the Filipino people for being so warm and welcoming. I felt a deep sense of belonging while I was in the Philippines. I had a moment while we were doing volunteer work where I was stressing that we wouldn't be able to complete all of our work in the time we had. I addressed my concern with Kimberly Haley Coleman and she and I talked for a moment. I remember her saying, "Anyone can write these people a check, but you're here with them volunteering, which is something they don't experience often, if ever. We have people who will complete the work that doesn't get done by LGCY volunteers this week.

Having this conversation with Kimberly helped me realize that this service trip is more about community, support, and togetherness than anything. I want to take this value into my personal life more now. Sometimes when it comes to work or things that HAVE to get done...I find myself placing more value on getting those things done than the value I place in community, family, and love.

I've always felt it's important and meaningful to be a kind human, and spending time with Filipino people in the Philippines has confirmed this for me. From the bottom of my heart, thank you!”

- Krystle Ayotte Philippines, November, 2023

I feel so fortunate to have come into contact with Globe Aware and El Sur. I had the most wonderful trip, this was definitely one of the best experiences I've had in El Sur (which is difficult to say because every time is amazing). I'm already itching to go back. I'm sure it will be no time at all before I'm emailing with you again to plan it. I really love everything Globe Aware does and I can't wait to work with you all again.

- Sophie Marsh, January 2013 (after her fourth Costa Rica Rainforest program)

This trip once again reinforced how incredibly fortunate we are to have the things we have in the US. Everywhere else people make do and live with so much less. It's humbling. Federico made the program for me. He was gracious, patient and always looking out to provide the best experience for all of us. He went over and above what I expected and was a really wonderful host for my family, my friends and all the people in the group. When we had a health issue with one of the boys he made sure everything was taken care of and Nick got to the clinic. He was always thinking ahead around what he needed to do to help maximize our experience as part of the program and as a guest in Costa Rica. He integrated with the group and became a friend - not just a guide or manager. The combination of his wit, humor, personality and listening skills are wonderful. Katie was only with us a couple of days but all the kids loved her and appreciated how well she connected with them. My 2 daughters (& husband next time) look forward to future vacations with Globe Aware.

- Karen Gilboux June 2014
Costa Rica


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