Globe Aware acts globally and locally!

As part of our commitment to promote sustainability, we have always encouraged gifts and donations to help people stand on their own, such as books, computers, health and hygiene items, sports equipment, and more. We have been accepting and distributing these items for a couple of decades. It is not always possible to bring and distribute all donations we receive because the cost to ship, weight to carry, or country regulations of the receiving country make it prohibitive. We give away these items on regular occasions to needy communities in the Dallas Ft Worth area, where Globe Aware headquarters are located. If you are in the Dallas Ft. Worth area and are interested in knowing when these events take place, please sign up for Globe Aware's newsletter CLICK HERE

We partner with various local agencies, aiding women and families in need. If you have donations to share, contact us to ensure we have storage space available provide a description of the items; we will give you shipping instructions. We do not accept certain items, such as weapons, medications, perishable foods, hazardous chemicals, especially large items such as mattresses, carpets, pianos and large exercise equipment (we recommend working directly with churches and schools for these).

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