Sunday, 28 February 2010 18:20

Ten Mother-Daughter Vacations That Won't Drive You Apart

By Erika Clarke

Mothers and daughters have a certain bond, which can either strengthen when they travel together or become horribly unglued. I love my mom. I love to travel. Put those two together and they can fall into the 'unglued' category. But if you plan treks that include what you both love, then it can be more like smooth sailing. So, before you start stressing about creating that perfect "mom and daughter" vacation, check out these tips -- and trips -- that are bound to have you bonding. Remember, Mother's Day will be here sooner than you know so start planning to ensure you remain her favorite.

The Giver

Your mother has always taught you to give to the less fortunate, right? Well doing a volunteer vacation is a great way to put your money where her mouth is. With Globe Aware you can choose from 10 countries (ranging from Brazil to Laos) to spend a week in communities learning about their culture and contributing to their self-sustainability. You don't even have to speak the language, have a skill, or be a "professional" volunteer. Depending on the country, rates begin at $1,090 not including airfare. Accommodations tend to be rustic, but hey, it's worth it when you are giving back.

To inquire about Globe Aware and their vacation options visit www.globeaware.org or call tel. 877/588-4562.

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