The most scenic part of Victoria Falls are generally considered to be on the Zimbabwean side. But if you plan to see it from the Zambian side, OR to arrive for the program into a Zambian airport, you will want to consider which visa you need. Since the waterfalls straddle the borders, it is easily accessible from both borders.

To secure your Zimbabwean visa, it is easiest to purchase a single entry or your double entry visa at the border on arrival at the airport; regular visas for more than double entry are complicated to obtain and take over a week to process. Though there is a special work around. While you need no visa to enter Zambia, if that is where you decide to fly into instead (Livingston), you will still need a visa to enter Zimbabwe.

OR if you are also wanting to see the Zambian side, you will need a visa that allows either the double entry or, for multiple entry work around, the easiest method is to purchase the $50 Akaza Univisa, which allows for unlimited trips in both countries over a 30 day period.

All US Citizens need a visa to enter Zimbabwe

You can purchase your visa upon entry.
You can also buy (and use) the Akaza Univisa at the Victoria Fallas airport or the Victoria Fallas border, or any of the below points. Note that visa requirements can and do change.

  • Zambia
  • Zimbabwe
  • Kenneth Kaunda International Airport
  • Harare International Airport
  • Harry Mwanga Nkumbula International Airport
  • Victoria Falls International Airport
  • Victoria Falls Border
  • Kazungula Border
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