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The Ultimate Bonding Experience!

Nancy and her granddaughter Madison, a dedicated volunteer pair, spent a week-long volunteer vacation in Cuzco, Peru, which included a visit to Machu Picchu! Our Peru programs offer many different volunteering opportunities in Cuzco, including improving facilities and families' homes. 

During their time, they engaged with local children and constructed a Lorena stove for a deserving household. Additionally, they dedicated time to replacing the drainage pipe at the school they were visiting. This was essential to prevent the deterioration of the adobe walls.

Nancy and Madison have participated in 9 Globe Aware trips, experiencing one to two volunteer vacations annually. What a fantastic duo! It demonstrates that age is no barrier when it comes to sharing the joy of exploring the world together.


The Ultimate Bonding Experience! Cont.

What were some of their favorite moments in Peru? Nancy let us know!

"The Christmas market at Plaza de Armas was GIANT…crowds packed shoulder to shoulder…in every square foot of the whole plaza. What a night! Madison and I had a slow Christmas Day…drinking fruit juice in the Mercado de San Pedro…and buying some gifts for people here. Our day making the new stove in the village was great. There was lots of time to wander around the village, and even make friends with a giant cow." - Nancy Hull, Dec. 2023, Peru

Cuzco is known the world over as the enchanting heart of the Inca civilization and the gateway to Machu Picchu, one of the great wonders of the world. With its narrow, cobblestone streets, colonial architecture atop Incan stonework, and locals in vibrant and traditional dress, you will forget you are living in the 21st century. A wonderful destination for all ages to experience! 

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Puerto Rico Update

An exciting house update from Puerto Rico!

Just a few months back, our Fusion Power volunteers were actively involved in building the foundation of a new home for Adris, a local survivor of domestic violence, whose previous residence was devastated during Hurricane Maria. We are happy to see that the flooring is now close to completion! 

Kenya Bakery

The bakery is open!

Coordinator Pius and the baking team worked hard to bake bread and buns, which were then given out at a funeral service to feed over 500 people! You can watch the process on our YouTube channel. 

Due to the dedication of our volunteers, donations were channeled by our Kenya team to establish the bakery for a local community. We are so happy to see it in use for the benefit of the community!

Kenya Bakery Video

Philippines Video and Emma's Song

Have you seen the video yet!?

Our volunteers' week in December transformed into an incredibly fulfilling experience, marked by heartwarming connections with schoolchildren and the community, constructing a home for an underprivileged family, and the establishment of a secure haven for education at a nearby school. These endeavors are integral to Globe Aware's mission of creating a positive impact on communities around the world! Video Link below!

We have also been providing consistent updates from both work sites, if you'd like to see the progress, follow us on Instagram and Facebook! Marciel's home is 95% complete and we can't wait to show you a home tour soon! 

Emma's Song

Experience the melody of happiness and appreciation in this song dedicated to our LGCY Globe Aware volunteers. The heartfelt composition and vocals come from Emma Peraulta, an educator at a community work site in the Philippines, harmonizing with her students.

LGCY Philippines

Emma's Song

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Recently, a volunteer family participated in a sustainable work project in Guatemala! The volunteers constructed a composting toilet with walls made entirely from natural materials.

Our staple activity in this area involves constructing a cement floor for a family. The remaining project responsibilities are distributed among other activities, such as engaging with children at a local community library or afterschool program, participating in agricultural tasks, and implementing sustainable improvements to facilities. 

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