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Keeping the Bayanihan spirit alive!

Unleashing the power of compassion and unity!

Nueva Ecija like many other provinces in the Philippines, faces issues related to poverty, which can be attributed to various factors, including low income levels, limited access to education and employment, typhoons and flooding, and a lack of basic infrastructure. Our LGCY team of volunteers joined us in the rural community of Santo Rosario and created ripples of positive change together.

Our volunteers' week in December transformed into an incredibly fulfilling experience, marked by heartwarming connections with schoolchildren and the community, constructing a home for an underprivileged family, and the establishment of a secure haven for education at a nearby school. These endeavors are integral to Globe Aware's mission of creating a positive impact on communities around the world!

The first day commenced with a morning brimming with surprises, as our volunteers started their service with dance, cheers, and festivities.

Each day encompassed community engagement, including the enjoyment of local delicacies like fermented rice, delivering Jollibee meals to the local elementary school, and even trying out a carabao ride!

A few words from our volunteers:

"My time in the Philippines exceeded all my expectations. I'm so overwhelmed by the Filipino people and their big hearts...We helped build on their school, we baked food and delivered it to homes in need, visited sick children, and we helped build a house for a family in need. My favorite part of the entire week was getting to know 6-year-old Mark, who lived in the home we were working on. On our last day, he came home from school and saw me and ran to me and gave me a hug." - Krista R.

Keeping the Bayanihan spirit alive! Cont.

"Thank you so much for these amazing people who print their hands on the wall. A wall of Bayanihan and volunteerism of incredible people who visited our school. Thank you so much for your precious time with us." - Sto. Rosario National High School student Juan

"There is so much I could say about the week we just spent in the Philippines but there are a few things I never want to forget. The way we were welcomed into the community with so much love and celebration through beautiful dances. The sweet children who didn't have to speak the same language to express their joy and gratitude for what we were able to do. Doing the Cupid shuffle at the elementary school. Delivering simple treats to families that had nothing and were going without meals. The deeper friendships created while serving together. BAYANIHAN!" -Megan P.

Time was also made for exploration of the Nueva Ecija province. Our volunteers embarked on a journey to discover the breathtaking destination's splendor of waterfalls, mountains, rivers, and jungles. They embraced their adventurous spirit as they tackled the trail leading to the enchanting Ditumabo Mother Waterfalls, dipped into Aurora Beach, climbed up the caves of Minalungao National Park, explored a local town, and Cabanatuan City.

We've made it to the local Filipino news!

Our LGCY corporate volunteers' impactful week in the Philippines was highlighted, and it's truly special to receive recognition from the community for the positive contributions of our volunteers! Click the link to watch!


We want to express our sincere appreciation for our Coordinator Gege, who went the extra mile to guarantee a week of success and significance in the Philippines. Your efforts made the entire week truly enchanting and unparalleled.

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Lives Being Changed in South Africa

20 new desks, renovated classrooms, 350 more high protein meals cooked and delivered and paid for (700 total!), new beds, and more progress on a new home for a combo family of 13, thanks to the generosity of Danny Pessy and his adventure troops!

"South Africa was life-changing, to say the least… We helped build a home for a family of 13, fed families that are in need and assisted in renovating a community center for the children. I’m so grateful for the opportunity that the solar space has given me to be able to travel to world, meet amazing individuals, and to have such an impact." - Brandon F.

Full circle in South Africa!

A few years ago, GA volunteers built this kitchen, community learning center, and a bunch of edible gardens that have since expanded; it's kept going throughout the pandemic, bringing nutritious food and meals to the community. These sparkling volunteers continued the tradition, of planting, harvesting, cooking, and distributing meals, about 300 per day.

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Updates from around the world!


We're thrilled to announce another project completed in collaboration with our Mexico team. Responding to the San Antonio Tzacala community's wish for a community sign, our volunteer Sara helped turn that dream into reality! Collaborating with the community, she crafted the name using local materials like stones and wood, symbolizing the richness of the land. A sustainable and meaningful project for our solo volunteer!


Volunteers Greg and Jeff explored the historic colonial old town of Quito, and Globe Aware Coordinator, Patricio, acquainted them with the staff at a children's care home. Engaging in various work projects, they participated in tasks like sanding and sealing yard furniture, assisting with plumbing in the children's bathroom, picking up bread from a local factory for distribution to children and needy families, and with roofing. Additionally, they acquired knowledge of making disinfectant and laundry soap for distribution.

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Updates from around the world! Cont.


Coordinator John consistently ensures an incredible experience for our volunteers in Cambodia!

"Although building a latrine was hard work, my experience here in Cambodia has been amazing. Angkor Wat and surrounding temples were even more spectacular than I imagined, and everyone here has been lovely. Thank you, Cambodia and Globe Aware!" - Barbara B.

Costa Rica

Returning volunteers Sandy, Kyle, and Francita teamed up with Coordinator Federico in Costa Rica. They dedicated their efforts to completing the laundry room floor, as well as adorning the community center in preparation for a holiday celebration. They explored Paco's farm, learning about his cultivation practices and assisting him with some manual labor, La Paz waterfalls, mineral hot springs, as well as some old churches and lush gardens.

"This week has been an extraordinary experience that I will cherish, truly embodying the farm-to-table concept."- Sandy R.

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