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A Week of Giving in Puerto Rico

At precisely the same time last year, our corporate team of volunteers was situated in Guatemala! This year they engaged in the construction of a residence in Puerto Rico! Specifically, they worked on laying blocks and foundations, as well as framing and walls.

"Our annual charity trip has been fantastic. We spent the week in Puerto Rico and partnered with Globe Aware and a local organization to build the foundation of a house for an incredible woman named Adris. She is a survivor of domestic violence, and her previous home was destroyed in Hurricane Maria. We got to serve, play, and connect as a group. This is my absolute favorite kind of trip!" - Jessica G.

Globe Aware greatly admires their unwavering commitment to labor and service!

Learn More About Globe Aware's Puerto Rico progam with Adris


A Week of Giving in Puerto Rico Cont.

Our eager volunteers started the week by celebrating the start of the week by having dinner at Pirilos, enjoying pizza, surrounded by a vintage Puerto Rico vibe. Work began the following day, and each day included an activity such as visiting historical museums, exploring local beaches, and snorkeling with turtles!

Our corporate volunteers concluded their volunteer vacation week having found sincere bonds, new introspection, and the results of their dedicated efforts!

Why should you volunteer? Puerto Rico is so close and the need is so great!

As the world knows, this beautiful archipelago among the Greater Antilles was struck hard by Category 5 Hurricane Maria in 2017 and is currently still dealing with countless homes that have been damaged and destroyed. It is going to take years to recover. In your free time, you will experience some of the natural beauty that has inspired people to vacation here through the ages: its colonial architecture, beautiful beaches, tropical climate (annual average 80 degrees), and warm, friendly people.

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Solo Volunteering in Nepal!

Fall is one of the best times to visit Nepal!

There's cool weather and plenty of upcoming festivals!

Solo volunteer Missy spent her first few days exploring the vibrant capital city of Kathmandu, where she toured renowned spiritual destinations like Boudhanath, Soyambunath, and the Pasupati Nath temple.

She also engaged with the kids at a nearby elementary school in Kathmandu. Enjoyable activities encompassed crafting origami, partaking in games, and honing their English conversation skills. These kids enjoy meeting individuals from other countries acquiring fresh knowledge, and creating fun new memories!

Why don't you join us in Nepal? We have two unique programs there!

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New Podcast and Donation Reminder

The Game-Count Special is out!

Check out this unique episode: "What's It Like Counting Game in Zimbabwe!?"

Click on the link below to listen!

Kimberly Haley-Coleman, Globe Aware's executive director, recently came back from a Globe Aware excursion in Zimbabwe. She had the chance to partake in our Game Count Special, an incredible opportunity that we'll delve into during this podcast.

She shares her recollections of the trip, delves into safety precautions, and highlights some of her cherished animal encounters. Additionally, she touches on the weather conditions during the game count and much more.

Donation Reminder

A reminder that we have a mission is to assist Dede, the protagonist of the international documentary we were involved in, in finding a new residence. $4,500 has also been raised so far! You can donate by clicking on the link below!

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Zimbabwe Podcast

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