Our mission was to build the foundation of a bathroom for the kids in the Albergue. I've learnt a lot through this process, and was in touch with tools that otherwise would not even touch the rest of my life (i.e. the mixer, pick ax, etc). I felt very accomplished after we poured the cement on the floor, imagining kids running around in the summer, and the bathroom is on their right-hand side. Although the process was hard and demanding, beholding the idea of making their life even a bit easier made all the efforts seemed to be worthy.

We got a whole day to visit Machu Picchu, one of the seven wonders of the world. It was truly mind-blowing. The intelligence and precision of the Inca Empire was insane - the accuracy in direction, the efficiency in using the stones, and the forestall in location. I fell in love with local food, too. The passion fruit is so delicious that I would have brought some back to the States with me. Overall, I had a very good time.

Peruvians are a lot simpler and easier to get along with. With the less developed technology, people still do not get on the internet that often, which results in the close and friendly relationship between neighbors. The way they trust each other - even foreigners - struck me the most. Also their hospitality, left me a wonderful impression of Peru.

Globe Aware indeed provided me an opportunity to reach out and help people. Do not hesitate about it, because as it is said on the motto, I had fun while helping people. Thank you Globe Aware, for giving me an unforgettable 2012 Summer. - Angela Wang, June 2012

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