For me personally it was very enlightening and I had an amazing time. I believe it's a very good way of knowing the culture and the people of a different country. I found amazing people who struggle every day with such different situations and problems from my own, that it helped me face my own reality with a different perspective. And of course, I feel good for having tried to improve others lives even for just a few days, with my presence, work and my monetary contribution.

I had more than enough free time, the food was great (many thanks to señora Alicia!). During my free time I went to beautiful places, all well arranged by the volunteer coordinator (Rocio).  

I believe it was an advantage for me to be able to speak spanish. It enabled me to have a closer link to the children and all the people I met. I had a specific task - handwork, where I worked with local people helping build a new study room, but it was also good to help the children with their homework - math and english. It felt more integrated than I was expecting, they treated me as I belonged there, and it felt really good.

I liked the whole experience, being there on their day-to-day situations, receiving their knowledge and sharing mine. I think one week is enough to get involved, but I left feeling and wishing to have done more. - Marta Carvalheiro, September 2012

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