I could definitely feel the heartfelt gratitude toward us from those we were serving. I think the things we constructed will last for years to come and make a big difference in their lives.

We had plenty of free time. We had such a big group that it was hard to keep us all busy but Bella did an amazing job adjusting to our needs and keeping us busy. I think there was about a perfect balance.

There was plenty of food. We never ran out of food at our meals. In fact, I felt bad that we couldn't eat everything they put on the table but there was just so much. I really enjoyed the food it was so delicious.

Being able to get to know and serve people is the best way to travel. I love your [Globe Aware] motto: “help people, have fun”.

The accommodations were really nice, much better than I expected. Very minor problems with water and electricity but they were fixed right away and were only minor hiccups. Rosi, from the hotel was amazing!!! I really love her; she took such good care of us! She really did a great job handing so many picky Americans and her English is good. She listened and communicated very well. She is a joy to work with and an invaluable asset.

Mark Thomas
Vietnam 2019

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