Dear Staff at Globe Aware,

I wrote a long thank you to Frederico for our wonderful trip to the Orosi Valley last Dec., '15 when we painted their church for Christmas, but I don't think he received the email. I has been awhile but this trip is a forever memory experience. It was the most amazing time, and we (with family) enjoyed both work and play on this trip.

The wonderful other families (both on the trip and our hosts), food and futbol, card games after working a full day made the event more like "camp" since we made new friends while helping and having fun. Please send this Thanks to Frederico who may not even remember me (Sue, Scott and Mark) by this point with all his visitors, but possibly and I hope so. When I say "amazing" trip, I truly mean it and know Frederico was working hard behind the scenes every day to make this happen while appearing relaxed and easy going when he was with us, but always helping us keep on schedule.


My boys/men (21 +24 years old) said it was the best trip ever, and we travel quite a bit. In fact, we volunteered in a migrant school in Beijing ~6 years ago (that was also with Globe Aware!) and was another amazing trip.    Thank you so much to all of you and please let Frederico know his efforts and sponsorship of our group was very much appreciated.

Sue Shapses

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