“This was the single most meaningful trip we’ve been on as a family. The cultural immersion was incredible; spending time with Federico, Paco, Mama Luz and their beautiful and kind family was one of the highlights of our lives. Everyone was so warm and inviting. Federico is a gem. We truly felt like this was an authentic intro to how people in Costa Rica live. You never get this kind of experience as a tourist! And the service project was sized appropriately for our family’s time and (limited!) skills. Gustavo was a wonderful guide for how to complete our work, and we felt proud of our completed project. It was great to learn how the people of La Flor are using the community center that Globe Aware built for meaningful uses. I sincerely hope we can return and keep the momentum going in this community.

We had a good amount of leisure time to explore the town, zip line, rock climb, and go to the hot springs. The balance was great!

The food in the restaurants was good, but the food in people’s homes was PHENOMENAL! Delicious, prepared with skilled hands and love. Mama Luz gave us a masterclass in making empanadas. I want them to make a cookbook. Eating in people’s homes made us feel like part of their family. We were able to talk with them and learn so much about how they live. Our kids loved learning about how different the school system is in Costa Rica compared to the US. Our kids as well, especially our high schooler, Ishaan. He was so moved by the trip and is thinking about how and when he could do a similar one with a few of his school friends on their own. That was truly a unique part of the trip. Unforgettable and meaningful time with the kindest people.”

Prabha Kannan
Orosi Valley, Costa Rica.
April, 2024

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