I have traveled on many humanitarian missions in many countries and this was by far the most meaningful; not only was the project leader truly connected to the people and the community but the projects were ones that provided assistance to people who were genuinely in need and grateful

This experience further demonstrated how happy people can be with nothing, literally without food, clothing, or quality shelter -the necessities of life. It is incredible the excess so many, here in the US, think they need to achieve happiness. Children primarily are the perfect example. Majority of the children I met in Cambodia (and I work directly with children in school here in New York) have drive and are willing to work hard in a country with next to no opportunity whereas here in the US, "the land of opportunity" the children have next to no drive. The children were genuinely excited to practice their language skills and learn about someone new, about me and what my life and experiences have been like. They did not want pitty nor hand-outs, they were simply eager to make a friend. - Brittany Bonesteel, November 2012

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