Puerto Rico

Post-Maria Rebuild


Give your heart and your hands toward rebuilding hurricane Maria struck Puerto Rico, and experience a slice of paradise at the same time.

Volunteer Vacations in Puerto Rico

It is so close and the need is so great! Join us on our first program in a United States territory in a time of great need. As the world knows, this beautiful archipelago among the Greater Antilles was struck hard by Category 5 hurricane Maria in 2017, the worst natural disaster in its’ recorded history. Over 500 people died, roughly 80% of its agriculture was lost, the island’s power grid was wiped out, 85% of its above ground phone and internet cables, and countless homes were damaged and destroyed. It is going to take years to recover. Puerto Rico needs you. In your free time you will experience some of the natural beauty that have inspired people to vacation here through the ages: its colonial architecture, beautiful beaches, tropical climate (annual average 80 degrees) and warm, friendly people.


Location: About 30-minute drive west of the capital, San Juan. Our volunteers are the most precious resource to this project. Volunteers will be divided into teams and will be serving simultaneously in different projects in our city. Unlike our other programs, we do not have a coordinator with you all day every day, but rather only from 7:30 am until dinner every day except Sundays. The following are projects volunteers will be working on:

  • Infrastructure: digging foundations, placing rebar, mixing cement, laying blocks, installing kitchen cabinets, toilets, sinks, windows, and doors, plastering, and finishings.
  • Education: rehabilitating and re-open a small store in the elementary school so kids can learn about money and stewardship. Also, rehabilitate their sports facilities and start equipping teachers in technology.
  • Small Business: Volunteers can share their knowledge as we launch small businesses within our communities. From market research and running the numbers, to training residents of the community and marketing the businesses, every volunteer that joins this project will be helping schools create jobs and have an economic impact on the city.
  • Small Groups: Every Tuesday volunteers will have the opportunity to join “Program Impact Conversations”. It’s a small group of women hosted where they share their stories about how their lifestyles have changed for the better thanks to the empowerment and involvement they have received. Volunteers will have the optional opportunity to do childcare while moms spend two hours investing in themselves.


Accommodations will vary depending on several factors, including the size of the group, and availability at the time of registration. Lodging will take place on the compound where our headquarters are located in volunteer housing built for that purpose or at the nearby hostel (8 min drive). Both have full access to a full kitchen, bathrooms, bunk style sleeping quarters, dining areas, laundry, WIFI, AC units, and outdoor activity space. The bedrooms have 3 bunk beds, this means they will host a maximum of 6 volunteers per room. Volunteers will be divided by gender.

A self-serve continental breakfast will be available in the kitchen at your accommodations. Lunch will be served during the project at the worksite and dinner will be served at our headquarters campus. All meals are planned to cater to all dietary restrictions. Please note you will be on your own for meals on the unstructured free day at the program start. Your coordinator can give you lots of ideas and recommendations.

We coordinate transportation from the airport to our campus upon arrival and vice versa when departing.



Unlike most Globe Aware programs, our coordinators in Puerto Rico return to their families at the end of the work project each day, leaving volunteers free time or opportunity to do any of the optional leisure/cultural activities nearby. Also please note that Sunday is considered a free, independent unstructured day for volunteers to use as they will. You will not have your coordinator with you on Sundays. At the welcome orientation, you will be provided a list of ideas and activities for that day. Volunteers usually have a couple of hours of planned free time per day and planned but optional cultural/leisure activities: some of the world’s most beautiful beaches, cobblestone streets of old Colonial San Juan, local markets, dinner with locals, flourishing stories (therapy to share the stories of transformation in people's lives) and more in this beautiful diverse landscape.

Other fantastic activities to consider at an additional cost are Ziplining, El Yunque Tropical Rainforest, and water bikes. Volunteers are encouraged to take this time off, cool off, and experience what Puerto Rico nature can provide!

Arranging Your Volunteer Vacation Airfare

This program runs from Saturday to Friday and fly IN and OUT of San Juan. NOTE: Volunteers will need to fly in by 4 pm on the day your program starts.


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