Jamaica Getting There and Away

Jamaica is easy to get to, enjoying one of the best air feeds in the Caribbean from both North America (usually Miami or New York) and Europe (through London or several cities in Germany). Australasian visitors have to travel via North America. The majority of international visitors land at Montego Bay's Donald Sangster International Airport, but there is another international airport at Kingston. Jamaica is an easy yachters' hop from neighbouring islands and the eastern seaboard of North America, as well as being a regular port of call for cruise ships. There is a USD27.00 departure tax for air travellers.

Travel documents


US citizens traveling to and from the Caribbean by air or sea are now required to have a passport or another secure, accepted document in order to enter or re-enter the USA.

Canadian citizens do not need passports for visits of up to six months. However, they do need two pieces of identification, including proof of citizenship or permanent residency, such as a passport, birth certificate or driver's license with photo ID. Other visitors must arrive with a passport. British citizens need passports that will still be valid six months after their arrival.

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