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The Andean Village Volunteer Vacation Experience In the mountains north of Lima, travel to the village of San Pedro de Casta, where the campesinos work the terraced land. The Road Less Traveled high in the Andes If you are looking for a truly "off the beaten path" experience in a community with real need, then you've found it! Your volunteer program will take place in beautiful San Pedro de Casta, a secluded and traditional village located high in the Andes, about 4 hours outside of Lima. The people of San Pedro make their communal living by farming the terraced land of the surrounding mountains, as their ancestors did for thousands of years before them.
Working Vacation: Volunteer Work Projects in San Pedro de Casta Volunteers work on a variety of community development projects, from building repair, establishing irrigation channels for the schools, reforestation, offering instruction in basic skills such as English, computers, hospitality, and first aid. Volunteer vacationers also build simple Lorena stoves (which greatly reduces fuel consumption and increases health of the home's inhabitants by reducing smoke), and work on other projects. Work projects are selected prior to your arrival based on immediate need in the community. Some of our Super Volunteer Coordinators. Projects vary and depend on the number of volunteers; which projects were completed by the previous group of volunteer workers; what priorities have changed; weather conditions; which supplies are available; and often the interest and fitness level of the volunteers. For these reasons, specific projects…
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Volunteer vacation in Cuzco, Peru

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Spring Break a Chance to Give Back

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Teen heading to Africa

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