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Corporate Giving Programs – Your company may pay 50% of your trip!

corporate_volunteer_vacationsCompanies who team up with their employees to give back have implemented corporate giving programs, though many donors are not aware about the matching gift opportunities that their employer provides. These programs are untapped and have the potential to provide billions of dollars toward nonprofit organizations that donors already support. It is usually as simple as donors asking their employers to match donations to eligible nonprofit organizations. Forbes claims that 65% of Fortune 500 companies offer such programs, in which Microsoft, Salesforce.com, Google, Johnson & Johnson, Soros Management and British Petroleum have been featured as top charitable programs. Check with your Human Resource department and remember that whatever you spend on the program is a deduction against your taxes - - even the airfare!

Tips to inspire your children to volunteer

kids_volunteerLet them lead the way
One of the best ways to encourage children to volunteer is to bring them into the planning process. Find local opportunities that interest them, such as donating items to the less fortunate, working at a food bank or volunteering at a retirement home. Simple projects will help them connect personally, such as craft making or baking goods and even shopping for a Thanksgiving meal to donate to local programs can be a yearly tradition. But letting them come up with ideas is key. This creates a sense of ownership and allows the child to take the lead in tangible and intangible ways.

Lead By Example
Children watching their parents volunteer and show empathy towards the people in their community are more likely to be inspired.  In demonstrating a concern for others, you can easily be a role model and change the behavior of your children. And it is a great way to build a special bond with your child and create special time with them. Making volunteering apart of your lifestyle will inspire your children to follow your lead and help take on the role. This is a great way to foster their internal desire to help others!

Guatemala is featured as the new big destination in Central America

Volcanoes, Pyramids, Mayan ruins, lush Caribbean beaches, squares & plazas, and museums are all a big drawl to Guatemala, bringing it to the forefront of travel magazines. We love it there and so do our volunteers! Take a peek at one of the recent Travel Pulse features on this amazing country.

Join us at the Boston Go Global Expo, September 28

As an international volunteer, how will you ensure that you, and the program you volunteer with, are contributing more than just good intentions? Don’t miss this discussion with Kimberly Haley-Coleman and other expert members of the International Volunteer Program Association (IVPA). Learn what questions you need to ask to make sure your international volunteer experience is worthwhile and truly beneficial. The 2014 Go Global Expo is a one-of-a-kind international opportunities event and an invaluable resource for anyone planning to live, work, volunteer or study abroad. The FREE event showcases: Organizations representing opportunities in over 100 countries. Hourly seminars by experts in the field to help you make informed choices. International work and internships, volunteering abroad, graduate and undergraduate degrees abroad, exchanges, adventure - and more! Visit Go Global Expo to learn more and to pre-register to attend

Volunteer Reflections

“The whole experience was so meaningful for me, and I will never forget it. The people in the village work so hard to try and create a safe home for the Asian elephants. It is important to educate people from all over the world that elephants are not supposed to be used for entertainment or hard labor. I felt the daily work projects we did were necessary and helpful to the mahouts (elephant owners). The different projects included: cutting sugar cane, making fertilizer, planting bamboo trees, cleaning elephant shelters, taking apart old shelters so the mahouts could build new ones, etc. It was intense physical work at times but totally worth it when you could see that the mahouts appreciated us being there. Of course the best part was taking our daily walks with the elephants and bathing them in the river. It was an intimate experience that a lot of people in the world won't get, and I was fortunate enough to.” Stella McNeilly, Thailand, September 2013

In the Press

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