My name is Prin. I’m originally from Siem Reap, Cambodia. When not working with Globe Aware, I also work on projects for locally based NGOs as financial secretary, study tours program coordinator, and recently I was assigned to be a coordinator for a new project helping a primary school to help providing children a better educations, improving the school facilities, as well as teachers’ capacity. Moreover, I’m currently a part-time MBA student and I also doing a Diplomat in English at the Australian Centre for Education (ACE) and do French language at the French Cultural Center in Siem Reap. I’ve been trained as a French speaking tour guide for Siem Reap, Angkor Region while I was working as a front office and reservation department in a French hotel here in Siem Reap. Together with my knowledge of English language, so I can work as an English speaking guide. I have traveled in much of Asia. I love traveling, meeting people, make friends, and helping people. Therefore, the opportunity to work as coordinator with Globe Aware fulfills my interest and broadens my education as well. Also there are a lot of tourists visiting Siem Reap every year but Siem Reap is a second poorest province in Cambodia (World Bank survey 2005), this is true because a lot people living in the country sides still living in need, moreover, their rice production every year can feed them only about half year and the rest they need to buy from the market and of courses, money is required for them get the rice. Nowadays, a lot of NGOs are putting hands in helping to raise these problems in Siem Reap as well as the hold the country and we are all so grateful for your help.

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