ceasarI am from Dallas, Texas and am 25 years old. Currently I work as an interpreter at Children's Medical Center of Dallas. I interpret for Spanish speaking families. It is really a joy meeting so many beautiful children. I get to go to all different departments of the hospital, learning about different treatments and procedures. It can also be a sad experience as many children unfortunately pass away. In July I will begin medical school in San Antonio, Texas. I would like to work in field of international public health in the developing nations of Africa, Latin America, and Asia. I love to travel to new countries, learning about their people and land. Recently I finished a Masters in Public Health from Texas A&M University. As part of this degree I did public health internships in Mexico and Dominican Republic. Previously as an undergraduate in Biomedical Science also a Texas A&M, I did an internship in Nicaragua. I have also been to El Salvador for 10 days. I'm leading Globe Aware Programs in Peru and Costa Rica. My interests are in traveling, reading, and dancing Salsa and Meringue. 

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