Hello! My name is Gilda. I am married with three children, two of whom are grown up and have since moved away from El Sur. I like English very much and understand best when people speak slowly. My childhood in El Sur was beautiful, with my parents and three brothers. My favorite hobbies are to read, write and knit. I have been an active member of EcoSur for fifteen years, and as a group we have been receiving Globe Aware volunteers for the past six of those years. I am looking forward to being the Globe Aware coordinator in El Sur so I can share still more time with volunteers. ¡Pura Vida!

"Gilda is very nice and friendly. She makes you feel safe and feel like at home. She understands and speaks English well." - Cathy Toribio, August 2012

"The people in El Sur were incredible, gracious, patient, I cannot say enough. We were welcomed with open arms by all the families. Gilda, Mario, Ronald and their families were particularly amazing."  - James Quackenbush, August 2012 

 "Gilda is the most incredible coordinator. She is very well organized, very caring and fun to be with! She thinks of everything. Our time with her couldn't have been better." - Michelle Maloney, March 2012  



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