Tax advantages of a volunteer vacation

Jaunted, a blogging division of Condé NastTraveler Network, offers a great way to ease the pains of tax time: take a vacation. A "volunteer" vacation to be exact:

If you're like us and still putting off your taxes, here's something that might make next year's tax time a little easier. It's not too late to take an amazing trip, do some good, and get a tax deduction in the process.

Globe Aware, an organization that develops short-term, international volunteer programs, is also a 501 (c) (3) tax-exempt corporation, which means all expenses related to their volunteer work are tax-deductible.

They have still several trips taking place this year to South American, China, India, Cuba, and other destinations, all designed to promote cultural awareness and sustainability.

One of Globe Aware's featured programs in Ghana gives volunteers the chance to experience the Ghanaian culture while building systems to bring the community clean water. For fun, volunteers get to visit the biggest waterfall in West Africa and take part in dancing and drumming lessons. The Ghana trip costs $1,290, including lodging.

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