Register for Danny Plessy South Africa 2023

You are paying $963.50 now, and will be required to pay the remaining balance of $963.50 60-days before the program start date.


1. Send via venmo to @GlobeAware
2. Call Globe Aware offices to give credit card over phone 214-824-4562
3. Online: Paypal or credit card  PAY NOW
4. Wire to:

Ultimate Beneficiary: Globe Aware
Beneficiary Address: 7232 Fisher Road, Dallas, Texas 75214-1917
Beneificary Bank Account information:
JPMorgan Chase
111000614 (routing # if needed)
Bank address 6310 East Mockingbird Lane
Dallas, Texas 75214

5. Mail check 6500 East Mockingbird Lane Suite 104, Dallas, TX 75214

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