Laos is a beautiful, tropical, and mostly untouched country that is relatively safe to travel to, with a slow and laid-back lifestyle.

Sadly though, Laos is also one of the major gateways of the illegal wildlife trade from Southeast Asia. There are thought to be thousands of protected wild animals and their parts being smuggled in and out of the country every month. Therefore, having a wildlife rescue center in Laos to directly combat this illicit activity is of great importance. One of the aims of this program is to improve the conditions for animals currently in the Laos Zoo, providing safe enclosures and rehabilitation for animals rescued from the illegal wildlife trade.

Volunteers will assist with providing care, cleaning, feeding, and enriching the lives of the animals. Enrichment is a way to improve the lives of animals and stimulate them mentally and physically by providing activities to work on throughout the day. Before the center, the animals spent many years without mental or physical stimulation. Enrichment is essential for any animal routine, as it helps prevent boredom and stress behaviors in animals. Construction projects can vary from building a pool to new climbing structures and enclosures.
*The center is a no-touch facility for volunteers.

The rescue center is in a rural location in Laos, and there are a few local shops, markets, local-style food houses, and small temples within walking distance from the center. You will be living in an authentic Laos setting!

To learn more about this program, click on the link below!

Laos: https://globeaware.org/destinations/asia/laos

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