An experience that I will treasure for a long time

I felt the work project was meaningful. Just to spend time with the abuelas was what the director indicated was needed. I also learned to play Cuban dominoes and was a teammate to the house champion. It was a rewarding experience and I felt we interacted well. I especially felt my work at Projecto Cristo was meaningful. I work as a garden designer and gardener for people here in the US and have an extensive garden of my own. To be able to plant in Cuba and to plant for Cubans was particularly joyful for me and I hope of help to Sr. Ross and to the garden there. I'd like to return someday to see how those plants have grown.

Cuban food is fresh and wonderful! I experienced many different dishes and was especially fond of the fresh fruits and vegetables I was able to eat. My casa particular host, Victor, offered me organically grown fruit every morning and smoothies, juices and wonderful omelettes. I found some wonderful cafes for lunch or dinner and Andres suggested a good choice for me whenever I had free time for lunch or dinner. He also took me to some excellent restaurants. The free time worked well for me. I love the music in Cuba and spent much of my evening free time strolling the streets and listening to various musicians. I had plenty of time for shopping and my own sightseeing.

I want to say how much I enjoyed my hosts.

Andres is a wonderful ambassador for Cuba and a wonderful person to spend time with, as is his wife, Liset. Both Victor and Liset on Amagura Street were wonderful also. I feel these people were the basis for this experience that I will treasure for a long time.

Galvan Kay
Cuba May 2017

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