Experience was amazing

Saphire was the perfect person to serve as an ambassador of Globe Aware and a delegate of the communities we were in. She is energetic, humble, and it was clear that the families in the communities viewed her as one of their own. This experience was amazing because of Saphire's facilitation and guidance. I was impressed by her professionalism, her ability to be personal, and the true appreciation and understanding she had of Costa Rican culture.
The food was again, more than I expected. It was plentiful and delicious. I enjoyed every meal because it was made by someone and the food came directly from the farms or nearby sources. One of the lasting effects of doing this trip is the desire to change my eating and cooking so that I can enjoy what I'm eating! The time spent doing activities in the community was also something I wasn't expecting and probably the most perspective changing for me. It was an emotional and mental challenge to feel uncomfortable, out of place, yet desiring to connect with people. Saphire is the perfect person for mediating and guiding. She was non-judging of us, how we all tried to navigate our discomfort, and energetic, always able to find humor and encouragement. I put "no" for the free time question b/c I would've liked more time, perhaps at the end of the day, to reflect on my experiences that day, to talk with our other group members and process our experiences. I appreciated and enjoyed the extra activities that Saphire planned for us, eg. rappelling and horse parade. - Eunice Kim, December 2013

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